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If you’re brain is fogged and your body is struggling, you may be just feeling a bit ‘off’ more than ‘on’ lately.

There is a fair chance your lymphatic system is compromised.

You can be toxic and unaware. This is the secret to all over health. This is the plug that needs to be pulled to drain all of the crap out of your body.  Stop being a garbage disposal that just regurgitates grime.

It is time to get back to basics and look at your health from a different angle. You can do so much yourself, in your own home so I’ve put together ‘The 10 commandments of a healthy Lymph’.

It’s a quick list of things you can easily do for your lymphatic health, I know we are all super busy (that can be another blog post).

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Drink Water – You have heard it a million times, yes it works, just do it!! 2L per day plus extra for exercising! Drink 1/2 a lemon in water every morning, first thing. Wait 1/2 hour before following with any stimulant teas or coffee.

Self massage – Move, bounce and wiggle your body as much as possible! Get your partner involved in the breast massage, Im sure they will be happy to help! Always rub towards your heart, follow your easy routine on www.chelseyjean.com

Choose Alkaline Food – Remove stress off the lymphatic system by choosing better foods – Use your own logic, you do know the basics of what is good and what is bad. Take control of what goes in your mouth. Contact me and I will send you the list!

Movement – Bounce, shake, rattle and roll! However you choose to move, do it more! Exercise at the gym or at home, make sure you move your whole body! Follow our LymFATics Boot Camp on our Chelsey Jean – FREE your FAT Facebook page 

Alternate hot / cold shower or hot epsom salt bath for 2 mins then hop out into a cold shower and repeat. Exfoliate your dry skin every week with yourLymFATics Gloves to remove dead skin cells.

Sweat – Feel alive, remove toxins and wastes through your skin. Lets sweat the bad stuff not the good stuff!

Deep breathing – expands your ribcage, 4 breaths in, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4, repeat 4 times. Also, stress is the cause of 80% of disease – This one is easy, just reduce your stress! 😉

Support your liver. Increase fibre and vegetable greens. Think of doing a detoxification cleanse with liver supportive herbs and supplements. Reduce alcohol and be self aware of your anger levels.

Remove toxic household items – including kids and husbands! Watch your medications. Are treating the symptoms or the cause? Are there better ways to support your health…


Find out more on this page of my website

Lymphatic Health

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