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On a daily basis I see clients who are desperate for change, wanting to take care of themselves, but not sure how.  I teach them about the lymphatic system as most don't realise how much of a crucial part it plays in our life.  Our lymph system is essential for detoxification, immune health, fat transportation, metabolism and energy levels.  If it slows down, so do you.
20 years of clinical research has led to sharing my secret to detoxifying the body utilising the amazing lymphatic system.

Hi I'm Chelsey, the creator of Advanced Natural Health and the Chelsey Jean LymFATic sequence.

I am a real person with real experiences just like you.
I see clients of all ages and styles who want to improve their health, they may have specific problems such as lymphatic disorders or general gut issues. They may want to lose weight, feel better, correct their hormonal imbalances and just take back their health to how it use to be with a different approach…. That also can be fun.

My Mission Statement:
"To empower people to take a front row seat in their life and teach them to create a flow that enlightens their spirit and energises their soul"
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What My Clients Are Saying
I was referred to Chelsey by a friend of mine when I found a lump under my armpit. As a breast cancer survivor, this threw me into panic. However, one session with Chelsey’s lymph gloves and cream, the lump was gone, it was a blocked lymph node. I’ve now been seeing Chelsey for over 3 months, and I have not felt this good in years! The gloves, the cream and Chelsey, huge trifecta. Years of fatigue, lumpy painful spots (that I always thought were ‘knots’), brain fog, all gone with daily use of the gloves. Sore post chemo boobs, now feel normal, and no longer dense and painful, and reduced scar tissue. She’s amazing, as are her products!

- - Gene G., RPh, FIACP , IFMCP
Just under 6 months of coming to Chelsey and my mind and body has changed dramatically.
I’ve played elite level sport my whole life and my body has never changed no matter how hard I worked or however strict my diet was.

After about a month of going to Chelsey i felt completely different, I was able to sleep better, my muscle endurance improved out of sight and my confidence grew.
I would recommend anyone and everyone to give Chelsey the opportunity to change your life for the better. If that be mentally, physically or just for your wellbeing.

- - (9kgs lost) Elaina
I started seeing Chelsey as my lymphatic system was so clogged up. I was so tired all the time, weight gain and no matter how much I exercised and watched what I ate nothing was moving. Chelsey started working with my gut as well as my lymph and everything else fell into place.
 When I started my lymphatic drainage massage with Chelsey it was very painful and some days I just had to rest, but just it showed me how clogged I was with toxins. I now rebound every day, take Chelsey’s prescribed supplements and feel amazing. I do have a slow lymphatic system and now understand the importance of moving the lymph every day with Chelseys gloves and lymphatic cream to remove toxins, if I don't, I will feel sluggish, and I am not going back there ever again!

- - Averil








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