First Time In-Clinic?

Choose one of these Initial Consultations

or call us in clinic on 3390 2642

Initial 2 hour Comprehensive Naturopathic Consultation $300 includes:

Cover all bases with a body assessment, comprehensive consultation and an individual plan you would pay $1000’s for. 

Initial 1 hour Standard Naturopathic Consultation $180 includes:

Short on time? A detailed consultation, covering your health history, the signs & symptoms you are experiencing and a diet/lifestyle assessment.

Initial Lymphatic Body Assessment $125

A  Detoxification and Lymphatic Consultation to assess your lymphatic health and give you some answers and lifestyle advice to improve detoxification pathways.

Hair Test Results Consultation

A 30 minute consultation with our clinician to go through the results of your biocompatibility hair test results.

Follow up Naturopathic Consultations

Add these to your BODYTER and Pulse sessions if you want to include a consultation with Chelsey

Follow up 30 min Naturopathic Consultation

A regular consultation for existing clients to review treatment progress and focus on maintaining motivation for optimal health and results.

Acute 15 min Naturopathic Consultation

A 15 minute consultation either over the phone or in-clinic which is suitable for short term conditions such as colds and ‘flu or a “quick fix” is needed.


If you have a voucher, please ring clinic or email to book

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