Your Comprehensive Wellness Assessment includes:

– A detailed consultation, covering your health history, the signs & symptoms you are experiencing, an assessment of any medications/supplements you are taking, and a diet/lifestyle assessment.

– An overview of the results of your consultation and screening tests, and how these may relate to the symptoms you are experiencing.

– Individualised Treatment Plan outline, designed to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

– Supplement and nutritional prescription

– Bodywork

– All relevant research and case work ready for your follow up consultation

– ‘Love your body HEALTHY’ nutrition & lifestyle e-book, to help you get on your way to feeling better sooner, with simple and delicious meal ideas as well as lifestyle tips.

* Health Fund Rebates are available *

I have been a body worker for over 20 years.

I recommend your first consultation with me to be one that involves a Comprehensive Wellness Assessment as well as a session on my table.

My consultations are as individual as you are, no two are the same.  This is your time to share in a safe and nurturing environment, where you are currently at in life.  Feel free to be as open and raw as you are comfortable with.  Include all of your health concerns, signs and symptoms, your passions, goals and fears.

In return I will give you my best with honest answers, caring support and enough information to change your life.

The fastest / best answers and results are achieved if I see and assess your body.  Most of my treatments are intuitive with many options available. I will chose from the following on what to include: full body measure and assessment, zinc test, urine chemistry, blood pressure, glucose test, iridology, lymphatic massage, remedial massage, reiki, goal setting, infra red treatment, presor treatment, tens current, electrotherapy session, body type analysis, tongue analysis, the list is long.

You will leave with a clear outlined plan targeting your health concern with lifestyle advice you can implement straight away.  I aim to discover as much information as possible up-front about you, in order to save you time and money in the long run, and enhance your understanding of your health.

Everything we cover in a Comprehensive Consultation

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