Confidentiality Policy

Advanced Natural Health is a ProActive Naturopathic clinic, which provides nutritional and naturopathic solutions, hands on body treatments, health coaching and advanced recovery techniques.

1.1Client Privacy and Confidentiality

Purpose: To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all ANH clients who enter the clinic for treatment or advice.

Policy: All clients’ medical records will only be accessed by staff for the specific purposes of providing the most appropriate treatment, or to provide follow-up advice or future bookings. No records shall be removed from the clinic without prior approval by the Clinic Manager.


  • All client records will only be accessed by clinic staff as required to provide appropriate consultations or administration.
  • Clinic staff will ensure that clients’ files are kept in the relevant files cabinet unless they are in use by the practitioner or staff member.
  • No client file will be left unattended in a public area.
  • No client’s records will leave ANH without the Clinic Manager’s approval. Any such movement will be documented for tracking purposes.
  • All staff will adhere to privacy policy and legislation.
  • Any client records requested or forwarded to another health practitioner will first require a ‘Consent to provide health records’ form to be completed by the client.

ANH respects the privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ personal information, which will remain as priority at all times.


Related legislation: Privacy & Personal Information Act 1998

Health Records & Information Privacy Act 2002


Next review date:       7th August 2019

(Southern Cross University, 2012)

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