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Have you ever wished you could exercise lying down?

Look no further… this machine is one of the most advanced and result driven equipment for muscle and skin toning, fat burning and body remodelling.

It combines six (6) current types: electro stimulation with thermotherapy (far infra red) and electroporation (to accelerate the delivery of active ingredients into the skin and cells). The various combinations have been specifically designed to achieving visible results faster.

Short on time?

Best results for muscle toning, fat burning and body remodelling. Helps poor posture and breaks down excess fat in the body. Fantastic for hard or soft cellulite. Electro stimulation with thermotherapy (far infra red) and electroporation into the skin and cells. Assists in a greater work out session at the gym & improves work out performance.

In most clinic treatments we use this electrocurrent / infra red machine called the “Bodyter”. This machine just gets results fast.  Triple results in one session.  With multiple currents available, you can do equivalent to a 6 hour gym session, with muscle contractions more intense than lifting 200kg or combine with a pain reducing session using tens current to release tight muscles.


Our Bodyter electrotherapy and infrared sweat session provides many of the cardiovascular conditioning benefits of continuous exercise. During a 60 minutes session, your body can receive a workout similar to that of an 8 hr gym session, while the detox achieved through FAR infrared perspiration provides a more productive detox than a marathon. Sweating boosts endorphins, improves cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and releases muscle tension, making it the perfect compliment to any lifestyle.

When the body’s core temperature is increased, cardiac output is boosted in response. The heart rate rises in order to circulate blood at a faster pace and facilitate sweat production, which helps train and strengthen the cardiac muscles. The metabolic rate is also increased, while diastolic blood pressure drops, leading to improved cardiovascular fitness. Meanwhile, the infrared heat stimulates endorphin release, which helps improve energy and healing, while the removal of lactic acid buildup soothes tense and sore muscles.

Infrared sweating is perfect for people who do not have the time or ability to exercise regularly, as it offers the opportunity to maintain and improve cardiovascular health with relative ease. For those who do even the most rigorous workouts, sweating still represents a perfect option, as it reinforces heart strength and endurance while relieving muscle strain.

At Advanced Natural Health we can help you lose weight, tone up, recover and detox all while being supported by our naturopath and Bowen therapist.


If you are an athlete and hit one roadblock after another in attempt to accomplish your goals, whether fatigue or injury, you are not alone. The norm for growing as an athlete is more demanding than before and the opportunities to compete are endless between clubs, races, or physical challenges. It still needs to be enjoyable right? Pain is not fun but pushing the limits is necessary to compete and improve.

Using our electrotherapy equipment we have athletes that train harder and faster than they ever have before.  We stimulate slow and fast twitching fibres, reteach and reactivate muscle fibres, turn nerves back on after injury all while sweating and taking in all the benefits infra red has to offer.


Infrared help rid the body of toxins while cleansing the skin with the excess sweating, they increase circulation to facilitate better recovery, heat stress causes your body to release heat shock proteins to promote muscle growth, and using a sauna can increase your body’s time to fatigue, meaning you’ll develop more endurance. Plus the heat stress causes your bodies to release the same chemical that causes ‘the runner’s high’. Saunas are an easy way to boost performance while relaxing.

  • To relax muscle spasms

  • For muscle rehabilitation and re-education

  • To increase tissue healing time and reduce inflammation

  • For localised body remodelling

  • For slimming and muscle building

  • To reduce cellulite and loose skin after weight loss

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