Free Your Fat!

It is now time to get off the merry-go-round and receive health advice that makes sense.
What advice would a Naturopath with 20 years experience give you?

#1.) The best advice on Losing Weight and helping you to feel better mentally and physically using the lymphatic system. Fat and obesity can be linked to damaged lymph vessels.

Everything I have learned over the past 25 years helping my clients improve their lymphatic system and health.

Learn easy home care routines to help in losing weight, feeling better and improving your health.

How can a healthy lymphatic system compliment our health and fitness goals?
After 20 plus years working on all shapes and sizes of bodies, my method of lymphatic stimulation has helped everyone. I know what to look for and what it feels like. It is not rocket science but it also works on my main purpose in life, helping the world to ‘love your body healthy’.
I can teach you how to do this, in a simple daily or weekly routine. This will improve your health from the inside out.
You will see the changes and feel the difference.
It will probably cost you more for new outfits, but the health benefits will outweigh any costs. Let’s work together to improve:
It will probably cost you more for new outfits, but the health benefits will outweigh any costs. Let’s work together to improve:
  • How fast we…RECOVER
By removing toxins and cellular waste
  • How fast we…HEAL
By removing toxins and cellular waste
  • How fast we can get into…SHAPE
By pushing through fat and having a faster hormone response In this day and age,we want fast results!
The quicker the better.
As a naturopath, who also loves to massage, this has worked for me as I help with diet and nutrition for the insides but I can also attack the problem from the outside.
So, while my clients get individual advice for their personal story, they also receive the best I can give them with lymphatic techniques they can do at home.
This equals fast results! How?
I have developed a magnetic massage glove, which goes way deeper than the traditional skin brushing technique. It actually pushes lymph through and encourages future flow.I don’t know if you’ve ever had a massage before but if you’ve had one, they will tell you to drink of water to flush out toxins. They don’t go into a lot of details to explain this, but understand that it’s because of the lymphatic system.
It’s simple! Massaging moves lymph. Remember, we need the expansion and contraction of muscles to move it through the system and we don’t move enough. So, I have made the process easy!
Firstly, massage the blocked lymph areas with your glove, then get up and move the lymph everyday:
  • walk, run, bounce, swim, cycle, ride a horse or dance, it doesn’t matter, JUST MOVE.
  • You will feel like a new person within days. The health benefits of my Magnetic Body Massage Glove are endless. The glove makes life easier and saves time, encouraging deeper, lymphatic fluid movement as well as helping to relieve muscle pain. You will feel the relief as you massage your legs, buttocks, arms, chest and belly. Nowhere is off limits, just go easy on any tender areas.
The massage glove will:
  • Refresh and improve lymphatic and blood circulation. Help to remove the lactic acid fatigue and speed up immune response so your body can adapt to the next level of training you want to achieve.
  • Reduce the weight of fluid build up, slimming the body and beautifying the skin. The small size and design allows use anytime, especially straight after exercise or watching TV.
The back of the glove is made of soft brushes; it could also massage your body while having a bath or shower.
Benefit all body areas, suitable for body parts including arms, shoulders, legs, back, buttocks, chest and stomach.
WAIT, there’s more
You can team this with my specialised lymphatic cream, giving you a virtual me in your house. Imagine me rubbing your body, with all the best ingredients that I have sourced and packaged in a highly absorbable, naturopathic cream.
You must stimulate to rejuvenate.
Whilst being massaged into the skin, this lightweight cream contains ingredients that help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate the lymphatic system. The cream contains my specialised blend of healing herbs and essential oils, which will assist the glide of the glove smoothly across the body.
These ingredients are powerful on their own. In my combination they are lethal… in a good way! This cream helps strengthen and repair your lymphatic, vein and capillary function, while providing nutrition to your cells.
This will aid in toxin removal, speed up healing, as well as improve circulation beneath the skin. You will see changes on the outside too!
The cream will also help in other ways:
You are acknowledging that you have not given your body the attention and support it needs and you are going to dedicate some well deserved time to it.
All the ingredients are super powerful at circulating and removing wastes but may also have other therapeutic qualities that will benefit your body.
The cream works freaking awesome with the massage glove for easy flow and soaks in perfectly.


  • Exercise – any movement is going to help increase the flow, even deep expansive breathing for 2 minutes will help.  Swing your arms when walking or jog your feet every 10 mins if stuck sitting at a desk.  A rebounder trampoline or wiggle machine will help as well.
  • Self massage – use your fingers and rake your skin from inner knee to outer thigh, wiggle, wobble and thumb this whole area and then rake towards the heart again.  Do the same with your breasts.  Rake from outer ribs to arm pit and then across to your heart, bend over and wiggle your boobs and then rake again.  Dry skin brushing or a hand held massager is also great.


  • Alternate hot / cold shower or hot epsom salt bath for 2 mins then hop out into a cold shower and repeat.  Exfoliate your skin every week with a scrub or loafer to remove dead skin cells.
  • Drink 1/2 a lemon in water every morning, first thing.  Wait 1/2 hour before any stimulant teas or coffee.
  • Drink 3- 4 Litres of water per day
  • Encourage sweating – Infra-Red, exercise, sunshine, do not use anti-perspirant deodorant!
  • Remove acidic foods – dairy, wheat, sugar all the processed crap that increases mucus and is a burden on your cells.  Increase ALIVE ALKALINE foods, fruit and vegetables in abundance (organic is best).  I can supply you with a list, just ask xo
  • Move, bounce and wiggle your body as much as possible! Get your husband involved in the breast massage, Im sure he will be happy to help!