I haven’t always eaten great

I love being outside in the sun.

I have always known the importance of being healthy.

I have chosen not to abuse my body or take it for granted.

I love me and I respect me.

I did what I thought best with the knowledge I had at the time.

I haven’t always eaten great.

I think you could count on one hand the veges (except for potato) I ate growing up.  I really can’t remember any importance being put on the food that we ate.  It seemed like we moved every year or so, as I have been to 11 different schools, some twice.  I don’t think this upset me as I have always loved school and made friends easily, this was just my normal.  Looking back now, this would of cost mum a lot of money for uniforms.

Over the years we owned a pub, a restaurant and a motel as west as Dirranbandi and north as Cairns.  I helped out in all of them.  This meant that I had the opportunity to order my meals and choose what ever I wanted off a menu or a black board.  I also had unlimited availability to lollies, packets of chips and soft drinks.  At school, my classmates loved this and they were super keen to swap me their home made lunches for my sugary, processed packet foods. 

With bacon and eggs on toast my everyday breakfast as well as dinner and toasted spaghetti and cheese jaffles after school, I was hit for 6 when my aunt would not let me leave the table one night until I had eaten my veges.  It was the first and last time I slept over the night.  Who did she think she was?  I was never made to eat or do anything I didn’t want to, I always did what I wanted to do, so this crazy woman was not going to make me, lucky they had a hungry blue dog close by!

The way I introduced salad into my life was with a McDonalds burger, I tried a chicken and lettuce one instead of my beloved double cheese burger, with the pickle removed of course.  I pulled faces but sucked it up to eat the lettuce, something inside me knew I needed it.  After a few years of this I adventurously tried adding lettuce and grated carrot onto a burger at backyard bbqs, even onion, covered in tomato sauce of course.  I would never have salad on a plate, that’s just rabbit food, right?

So I kept on experimenting and adding in new foods every week or so, I still do.  There is not much now I haven’t tried, I have surprised myself immensely.  Some foods I just eat because I know that they are good for me.  I don’t like the taste, the texture, the smell or the look but I just eat it, no fuss, no carry on, maybe some face pulling but I have made the decision to feed my body the best that I can as I want so much out of life.


So I have committed to my future self, to be and do the best that I can with the knowledge that I have at the time.  You get out of life what you put in.  I choose to fuel my body with nutritious food and drink everyday.  I do not follow a diet, count calories, kilojoules or micro nutrients.  I am in tune with my body, I eat when I am hungry sometimes five times a day, sometimes twice, sometimes I fast and others I enjoy yummy desserts.  I have taken the pressure and the stress off all by making a decision to choose healthy nutritious food that serve me and to limit considerably all of the things that are toxic.  This makes life so much easier as the decision has been made.

Now I have been living by this decision for the last 20 years and my life is amazing.

No rollercoaster of weight gain, I still fit into and wear the clothes I did in my 20’s.

No health struggles, the only visits to hospital being for cosmetic procedures.

No medications or period pain.

No lows in my emotional health.

No aches and pains, except for after exercise

All because I made the decision to be my greatest healthy self.  To create my flow and to take the front row seat in my life and live it to the fullest.

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