Lymphatic Health

If you’re dehydrated, unwell and not moving enough, there is a fair chance your lymphatic system is compromised. You can be toxic and unaware. It is time to get back to basics and look at your health from a different angle.  The lymphatic angle!


With over 20 years of Lymphatic experience, we may have the answers you have looked everywhere for, and almost given up on.  



Rejuvenate and stimulate your lymphatic system, allowing better immune health, metabolism, hormone transportation and weight loss.

So many people are suffering with a sick lymphatic system and they don’t know much about it.

The lymphatic system measures over 100,000 km in length and plays a significantly powerful role to how good we feel on a daily basis.

Inflammation, disease and 99% of all pain originates in our bodies lymphatic system.  It is our gigantic sewer system / immune system / lipid (fat) carrier/ lubricating and delivery system. Clean it out and your pain, inflammation, disease and ill health will reduce dramatically and you will reap the rewards of great health.

I want to shine the light on this system and give it the credibility it deserves.

It is hard to believe with all of our medical advances that so little is actually known or understood about the body’s lymphatic system. Working as a sports therapist massaging my clients, my focus was on the muscular system. I could feel a heavy, rocky, thick substance when I massaged other parts of the body, it felt different. What was this? I realised it was lymph. I began adding my style of lymphatic drainage to the session. Then something awesome occurred.

My patient’s health improved dramatically!

Our lymphatic system is basically a fluid like clag glue, that moves through its own series of vessels towards the neck and then the heart, in a one-way action.

We know how important our blood is as it provides us with oxygen and nutrients.  This blood transport system is fully supported having the almighty heart to pump it around the body. Always flowing until it either blocks up or we die.  The poor old, hard working lymph system doesn’t have a pump. It relies on bodily movement for circulation and we know… we don’t move as much as we should.  

Basically, the lymph systems job is the same as the drainage system in our houses.  It delivers nutrients that are squeezed into our interstitial fluid, and then back into to the blood. This clears out toxins, as well as fighting disease and balancing fluid levels… not bad! I call it the body’s septic system because its function is similar to the bathroom and toilet of your house.

It’s designed to:

  • Take away grime.
  • Clear out toxins.
  • Fight disease.
  • Balance fluid levels.

In other words, it gets rid of the ugly that no body wants to talk about.

With a job like that, you would think we would know how to look after, and keep it working at an optimal level. We are not taught anything about it.  Has your doctor ever mentioned it? The only time we take any notice of it, is when see and feel the symptoms showing on the outside, and then we still don’t identify it as lymphatic disease. Ignoring the health of your lymphatic system means your immunity is going to suffer, and you’re more likely to deal with common illnesses and even long-term health problems, which may include:-

  • Rashes
  • Joint pain
  • Hands and feet pain
  • Itchiness
  • Breast swelling
  • Cellulite
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Swelling of lymph nodes in the throat, armpits or groin
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Sore throats and being sick often
  • Hormonal problems
  • Weight gain
  • Sickness and disease
  • Stress

Is this all making sense?

In order to move that lymph, what do we do?

Let’s understand a couple of other things about the body. The first one is our lymphatic system is not our circulatory system. It doesn’t have its own series of muscles like the heart to pump it around. The lymph system requires movement… physical movement. If you’ve watched a Tony Robbins documentary or you’ve read any of his books, you would see that he’s actually a big fan of jumping on a trampoline. We have to bounce the lymph around the body. It gets everything moving. Well, there’s actually a physiological reason to it. You’re getting the lymph moving in a very non-contested way. So remember, you need external factors to actually move the lymph. Jumping on a trampoline or rebounder is one method.

Who has time to bounce on a trampoline everyday? It can be embarrassing, especially for those of us who have had kids 😉

After 20 plus years working on all shapes and sizes of bodies, my method of lymphatic stimulation has helped everyone. Yes, some would say I have magic hands. They find all of the right places. I know what to look for and what it feels like. It is not rocket science but it also works on my main purpose in life, helping the world to ‘love your body healthy’.

I can teach you how to do this, in a simple daily or weekly routine. This will improve your health from the inside out. You will see the changes and feel the difference. It will probably cost you more for new outfits, but the health benefits will outweigh any costs.

Lets work together to improve:-

  • How fast we… RECOVER by removing toxins and cellular waste
  • How fast we… HEAL by supporting your immune system
  • How fast we can get into… SHAPE by pushing through fat and having a faster hormone response

Is this something that you need?

I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from improved lymphatic health!

Our clinic is like no other, we have connected all of the dots bringing services that deliver results.

Lymphatic Massage

our specialty, my passion


We all love a good massage, and here’s just one of the best reason why. 
Lymphatic massage is a special form of massage that specifically targets the flow of lymph in the body. Different to the usual soft touch, Chelsey uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate the lymph, encouraging its movement towards the heart for the drainage of fluid and waste. Lymphatic massage has shown in studies to push up to 78 percent of stagnant lymph back into circulation. This mobilises toxins for clearance, lessening the burden on the lymphatic system.

As your Naturopath, we will guide you through every angle of your health, every angle! 

Your lymphatic system is the relatively unknown septic system of your body running alongside your circulatory system, (your blood). When it is in good working order it is in charge of removing wastes and excess fluids from your cells and tissues, keeping you healthy.  You have a massive 3 times the amount of lymph fluid than blood in your body but unfortunately the lymph doesn’t have a pump to move it around to everywhere it needs to be like your heart pushes your blood around.

If it’s not functioning efficiently due to SOOO many reasons, fluid and wastes can build up in your tissues causing fluid retention, stagnation of toxins and preventing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. 

The removal of toxic wastes, bacteria, heavy metals, dead cells, trapped proteins and fat globules all rely on this ‘river of life’ flowing freely and doing its job.

Want to take it to the next step?  

Normatec is the leader in rapid recovery… used by the world’s elite athletes, coaches, and trainers.

I have been using compression therapy in clinic for over 20 years, with a goal to establish healthy lymphatic drainage as an integral part of every person’s life:-

  • We help shorten recovery times from sickness and hospital visits
  • Improve mediocre health
  • Ensure athletes support and nourish their body after a training session ensuring longevity and reducing the likelihood of injury
  • Shape the body by reducing excess fluid  

Although the human body tries naturally to remove wastes which cause soreness and fatigue, this can take time and can depend on how healthy each system of the body is functioning.  Normatec pulse therapy delivers an aggressive but very natural alternative that far exceeds many traditional modes of recovery. Uniquely, we simulate localised active recovery in a passive way as you rest.

How does it work?

The session begins by compressing your feet, hands, or upper quad (depending on which attachment you are using). This increases venous return and rapidly accelerates the body’s reabsorption of the elements that cause soreness and fatigue in the muscles. Similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage, each segment of the attachment will first compress and then release increasing circulation on all levels of the venous system. This effectively removes metabolic wastes while you relax and enjoy every minute.

For more information and to buy your own Normatec Unit with a special discount and FREE delivery please call the clinic.

You can do so much yourself, in your own home. All you need is a reason why.  I think I have given you many!

Bodyter Electrotherapy

Have you ever wished you could exercise lying down?
Look no further… this machine is one of the most advanced and result driven equipment for muscle and skin toning, fat burning and body remodelling. It combines six (6) current types: electro stimulation with thermotherapy (far infra red) and electroporation (to accelerate the delivery of active ingredients into the skin and cells). The various combinations have been specifically designed to achieving visible results faster.
Short of time? But don’t want to miss out on a session? The Bodyter Premium has an Express option that reduces the program to 25min.
Unbelievable Results
To relax muscle spasms
For muscle rehabilitation and re-education
To increase tissue healing time and reduce inflammation
For localised body remodelling
For slimming and muscle building
To reduce cellulite and loose skin after weight loss

Normatec Pulse Compression 

Using air pressure to massage, the Normatec can improve most circulatory problems that are experienced by 90% of the population. Fast track detoxification and weight loss, reduce oedema (fluid retention) cellulite and pain in tired, heavy and aching legs.  Prevent varicose veins, assist in pregnancy, post & pre operative care, use after a long flight or a big night out…..

Pressure therapy is proven to be beneficial through extensive clinical trials for the treatment of angiology, cosmetic medicine, drug addiction, physiotherapy, muscle recovery and body remodelling treatments.

The Normatec Pulse is a computerised therapy unit that involves spending half an hour wrapped in a comfortable body suit made from inflatable tubes and pockets. These are blown up to increase pressure on your legs and trunk, thereby stimulating your lymphatic system to detoxify your body and also combat water retention.

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