Make friends with Meditation

Meditation is your quiet time, it is for self reflection, giving you a chance to slow down the 100’s of thoughts that go through your head each second and just sit with a few, giving your mind a chance to reboot and focus. How could you not want that!

There are now 1000s of scientific journals to back this up.

The best bit is you can do it anywhere, anytime…..


When I started yoga I would sit or lay, trying to bliss out like all of the other yogis but my brain would not stop fighting with my thoughts.

“This is boring, Ive got things to do, I cant sit here doing nothing, did I hang the washing out”, were just some thoughts.
Also the feelings of guilt. “I shouldn’t of spent $20 on this, spending money on myself, I should be working or studying or doing something!!

I was always trying to do 10 things at once, not realising that if I focussed on the few that really bring me to life and make me shine, the things that I love, then more energy would flow and I would be at peace with life.


changes the way your brain functions
grows grey brain matter
connects left & right side brain
builds your immune system
increases memory function
reduces stress
connects you to your ‘why’, your purpose in life
you will live a longer and healthier life

Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOGA and I LOVE blissing out in meditation.

This is my time to be with me.  I love me, I am proud of who I am as a person, a mum, a friend, a daughter, a lover, all the things that I am and that I can be.

This time for me is now at the top of my list.  I miss it and life goes a little crazier when I don’t make time just to stop breath and focus.

Ive learnt that where thoughts go, energy flows and I can create the life that I want.

I invite you to make friends with meditation, dip your toe and give it a go, what have you got to lose?

xo Chelsey

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