Hi, I’m Chelsey

Hi I’m Chelsey Jean, Sports Therapist, Naturopath, Free Thinker and creator of the Advanced Natural Health Clinic and the Chelsey Jean label. I am a real person with real experiences just like you.
I hope I can share some health and wellness advice that may save you and your loved ones being in the hell of forever searching for answers to feeling better, being in pain both physically and mentally and generally feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and not where you want to be…… at all!
I see clients of all ages and styles who want to improve their health, they may have specific problems such as lymphatic disorders, chronic fatigue or general gut issues. They may want to lose weight, feel better, correct their hormonal imbalances or just take back their health to how it used to be.
Some people have acute illnesses such as flu, sinusitis, glandular fever or the more chronic conditions such as diabetes, thyroid imbalances, chronic IBS, cancer, reflux, skin inflammation and heart conditions to name a few and need a different approach to what their doctors have offered. Others have good health but are training hard to better themselves and mediocre is not ok anymore.
I see many women, especially mums, of all shapes and sizes, professional sportsmen and women, athletes, other health professionals, couples and whole families.
Most new clients come to my clinic through personal recommendation from a friend or family member who wanted a different approach to health and knows that they need an individual plan, as they have tried everything else.
The thing that I love best is the new relationship that you create with yourself after listening to my stories and my advise.
Talk to you soon

I became a Naturopath to inspire and educate as many people as possible to make healthy choices in all parts of their lives. This encompasses not only their diet and exercise routines but also their relationships, careers, families, emotions and spirituality.

As a serial entrepreneur since my teens, I have been building my own businesses for over 20 years and my current Natural Health Business since 2003. I am not a Phd university graduate, but I have helped over a 1000 people over the years, and taught myself everything I needed to know along the way. Only 19, when I started my first business as a Sports Therapist and a Body Toning Clinic Owner, I realised what a huge source of stress, anxiety and utter fear there is in the world of medicine, health and wellness for so many people!
I discovered when I massaged certain parts of the body, my clients would lose more weight, have faster results and improve their health dramatically.
When I assisted them through a detox phase both physically and spiritually it created space for new and wonderful opportunities.
When I explained to them in a way which makes so much sense, how wrong the information is that we learn at school and see in the media about food choices and harmful medications.

Everyone is so individual, what could I do that will change EVERYBODY’S life for the better?

This realisation gave me the guts to create my own protocol, one that incorporates over 20 years of experience and draws in all of the best bits of a multitude of sources.
My goal is very simple: to create the easiest, most intuitive, most hassle-free, fun, professional, flawless, fully customisable health protocol, that comes with step-by-step instructions and is ready to go, all you need to do is start with an open mind (don’t worry I have worked with many sceptics who soon change their tune) and some scissors, an envelope and a stamp.

If any of what I just described resonates with you – let’s get started and keep changing the world together.

A change is happening.
I love being part of this movement, building a community with education, love and support for those wanting to make healthy positive changes in their lives. Everybody needs a coach, someone on the outer who sees the big picture. I honestly care. I invest everything I have to look after and create the space needed for change.
Allow our body to do what it is designed do – heal itself and reconnect to the spirit.
Chelsey xo