Sometimes it feels like we’re ticking all the boxes..

But what is going on underneath?
You are doing all the right things like eating well, trying to get enough sleep and exercising. Those things on their own use to work… but despite your best efforts, you are struggling, overwhelmed and out of ideas

We are here to teach you to reconnect with your body and listen to the wisdom within.

We know what it’s like to feel stuck and blocked and I know that the answer isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Let us introduce you to our LYMPHATICS ALIVE program, created to move you from feeling tired, overweight and blocked to energised, light and free.

Your body is talking, it’s time to listen I’m here to show you how.

The Chelsey Jean Method of Natural Health is different. Yes we do all of the wonderful Naturopathic Assessments and will get to the core of your condition, but we also specialise in the body as well as what can be going on in your head. If you don’t change what is happening in your head, we will not get life changing results.
I will ask you want you want – don’t worry I can help with this 😉 We will talk real, we will smile, laugh and maybe even cry. I always will take into consideration your time, your budget, your uniqueness, your motives, your fears, your loves and everything else that is needed to get your health back on track, naturally. We will tell stories, draw pictures and educate you in ways needed to change your thought patterns and give you a deep understanding to why and where you currently stand with your health, right now. If you are a beginner at health, we will start with the basics, in a way that you will understand and wish that you were taught that way years ago! If you are a health nut, we will guide you to your next level and pick up any gaps along the way.

First Time In-Clinic?

Choose one of these Initial Consultations

Initial Advanced Consultation

Our recommended starting point – a 2 hour deep dive into all areas of your health. Chelsey’s unique, proven treatment method will fast track and support your new health journey in ways you may never have thought.

2 hours $495

Includes Full Health Timeline, Lymphatic Body Flow Massage, Chelsey’s famous life coaching session, Body Assessment with Measurements, Normatec Pulse Compression, Initial treatment plan, supplement prescription and support resources (and much more).

Initial Lymphatic Body Flow Massage

Not sure if you are ready for full life changes? Dip your toe first with our hands-on bodywork and results-driven detoxification treatment to improve lymphatic health, speed up recovery from sports, surgery or illness, reduce fluid buildup, move fat, increase energy levels, and so much more

1 hour $225

Includes Lymphatic Body Flow Massage, detoxification recommendations, and one Normatec Pulse Compression.

All vouchers must be booked directly with the clinic on 33902642