Chelsey as your Naturopath

Chelsey as your Naturopath

Chelsey as your Naturopath

Hi I’m Chelsey Jean, Sports Therapist, Naturopath, Free Thinker and creator of the Advanced Natural Health Clinic and the Chelsey Jean label. I am a real person with real experiences just like you.

I hope I can share some health and wellness advice that may save you and your loved ones being in the hell of forever searching for answers to feeling better, being in pain both physically and mentally and generally feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and not where you want to be…… at all!

I see clients of all ages and styles who want to improve their health, they may have specific problems such as lymphatic disorders, chronic fatigue or general gut issues. They may want to lose weight, feel better, correct their hormonal imbalances or just take back their health to how it used to be.

Some people have acute illnesses such as flu, sinusitis, glandular fever or the more chronic conditions such as diabetes, thyroid imbalances, chronic IBS, cancer, reflux, skin inflammation and heart conditions to name a few and need a different approach to what their doctors have offered. Others have good health but are training hard to better themselves and mediocre is not ok anymore.

I see many women, especially mums, of all shapes and sizes, professional sportsmen and women, athletes, other health professionals, couples and whole families.

Most new clients come to my clinic through personal recommendation from a friend or family member who wanted a different approach to health and knows that they need an individual plan, as they have tried everything else.

 The thing that I love best is the new relationship that you create with yourself after listening to my stories and my advise.

Talk to you soon 


Chelsey as your Naturopath
Chelsey as your Naturopath
Chelsey as your Naturopath

To see Chelsey as your Naturopath you have 2 Initial Naturopathic Consultations to choose from.  The standard is everything she can fit into 60 mins with you.  If you are a beginner at health, she will start with the basics, in a way that you will understand and wish that you were taught that way years ago! If you are a health nut, she will guide you to your next level and pick up any gaps along the way.

You can also have a lymphatic consultation with Chelsey to assess your body and understand if that is the reason behind your health problems.

Chelsey as your Naturopath

This is what a typical treatment flow looks like at Advanced Natural Health

We know that it is different, different is what you need.

We hope to encourage and inspired to think bigger. Transform. Heal. Grow and share your awesomeness with others

Please contact the clinic, we are happy to talk you through each step

Chelsey as your Naturopath

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Chelsey as your Naturopath
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