Chelsey Jean's LymFATics Kit (Gloves and 250 ml Cream)

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Massage Glove and 250ml LymFATics Cream

Inspired by over 20 years of clinical results, this topical cream and glove kit will be the beginning of your new love affair with detoxing your lymphatic system.

This powerful Naturopathic combination helps strengthen and repair your lymphatic, vein and capillary function, while providing nutrition to your cells.

Use to exfoliate, skin brush, massage and nurture your body back to beautiful health.



Introducing our NEW specialised lymphatic kit!

A combination of the best ingredients that we have sourced and packaged in a highly absorbable, Naturopathic cream that works perfectly with our LymFATics Magnetic Massage Glove.

You must stimulate to rejuvenate.

Whilst being massaged into the skin, this lightweight cream contains ingredients that help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate the lymphatic system. The cream contains my specialised blend of healing herbs and essential oils, which will assist the glide of the glove smoothly across the body.

These ingredients are powerful on their own. In my combination they are lethal … in a good way! 

This will aid in toxin removal, speed up healing, as well as improve circulation beneath the skin. You will see changes on the outside too!  

The cream will also help in other ways:

You are acknowledging that you have not given your body the attention and support it needs and you are going to dedicate some well deserved time to it.

All the ingredients are super powerful at circulating and removing wastes but may also have other therapeutic qualities that will benefit your body.

The cream works freaking awesome with the massage glove for easy flow and soaks in perfectly.


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