FREE your FAT LymFATics Massage Gloves

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The massage glove will:-
• Refresh and improve lymphatic and blood circulation.

• Help to remove the lactic acid fatigue and speed up immune response so your body can adapt to the next level of training you want to achieve.

• Reduce the weight of fluid build up, slimming the body and beautifying the skin.

• The small size and design allows use anytime, especially straight after exercise or watching TV.

• The back of the glove is made of soft brushes; it could also massage your body while having a bath or shower.

• Benefit all body areas, suitable for body parts including arms, shoulders, legs, back, buttocks, chest and stomach.


Our magnetic massage glove, which goes way deeper than the traditional skin brushing technique, actually pushes lymph through and encourages future flow.

Its simple! Massaging moves lymph. Remember, we need the expansion and contraction of muscles to move it through the system and we don’t move enough. So, I have made the process easy! Firstly, massage the blocked lymph areas with your glove, then get up and move the lymph everyday:- walk, run, bounce, swim, cycle, ride a horse or dance, it doesn’t matter, JUST MOVE.

You will feel like a new person within days. The health benefits of my Magnetic Body Massage Glove are endless. The glove makes life easier and saves time, encouraging deeper, lymphatic fluid movement as well as helping to relieve muscle pain. You will feel the relief as you massage your legs, buttocks, arms, chest and belly. Nowhere is off limits, just go easy on any tender areas.

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