Weight Loss Accelerator

My successful naturopathic approach to weight loss – when nothing else works!

Lose approximately 6 kg in 21 days

Using the Homeopathic HCG Hormone to:

Reduce Appetite
Aid Weight loss
Full System Detoxification
Resets the brain to prevent rebound weight gain
Address underlying biochemical pathologies that may be hindering weight loss (toxic burden, mitochondrial dysfunction, dysbiosis, insulin resistance)

You tried every diet out there, this one comes with support.

What works 100% for your friend / neighbour / colleague or partner does somehow just will not work for you?

My customised treatment plans focus on what works for you with a full holistic approach to health and wellbeing, this is essential for permanent results.

Acknowledging the body, the mind and the soul and how these elements may be out of alignment is the secret to getting in touch with why disease and disharmony is occurring in your body.

The WLA program is one of the fastest life changing, fat-burning, body-reshaping weight loss programs.

You can lose approx. 6 – 12 kgs in 21 days, reset your metabolism and revolutionise your relationship with food.


This program is for the seriously committed

It not only requires strict discipline with food but also room to sit with all of the emotions that will follow, ensuring permanent result.

The WLA program includes 2 x 30 mins consultations, 4 manuals and recipe books and membership to a closed facebook group with other WLA patients, ensuring you will be supported and motivated through the program.

You will achieve:

  • Rapid and permanent fat loss
  • Radiating skin
  • Hormonal changes
  • A reduction in aches and pains
  • A feeling of success
  • Abundance of energy
  • A new metabolism
  • A new you
  • A vast improvement in health

The Weight Loss Accelerator (WLA) Program – How it works

The WLA program is built around the actions of a hormone called hCG, its full name being human chorionic gonadotropin. hCG is found in both men and women, and it is secreted at high levels during pregnancy. It has the ability to protect a growing baby from starvation in times of famine by liberating the long-term, pathological brown fat stores of the woman’s body as a source of food.

Our WLA homeopathic drops mimic the action of the true hCG hormone and as a result, produce similar results – i.e. they mobilise stored fat. Note that our drops do not contain the actual hormone; they are a natural, homeopathic alternative that mimics the hormone and are therefore safe for men and women. They do not interact with other medication – i.e. continue to take all medication as normal.

A medical doctor, Dr Simons discovered over 60 years ago that using the hormone hCG in conjunction with a low calorie diet liberates fat stores and resets the hypothalamus (the body’s master gland that controls weight). By resetting the brain in this way, the body doesn’t continue to store calories as long-term brown fat, but instead as short-term normal fat.

An overview of the WLA Program:

Phase 1 – Loading 2 days

Drink 2-3 litres of pure water per day

Build up normal fat stores by eating high calories, including fats every few hours

Healthy fats to include in your loading – Atlantic salmon, tuna, nuts, seeds, avocado,

butter, coconut cream, coconut oil, nut butters, olives, etc.

Record your weight upon waking, and your body measurements on the measurement sheet provided. The first day of loading is day 1 on your recording sheet.

Phase 2 – Low calorie, rapid weight loss

21 to 40 days duration depending on your weight loss goals

Drink 2 – 3L of pure water daily

Skip breakfast, and have 2 x 100g protein meals with 1 vegetable portion at lunch and

dinner time (for best results keep to one type of vegetable)

Have a different meat and vegetable for lunch and dinner

Tea, coffee, herbal tea (with 1 Tbsp skim milk) are allowed

2 snacks per day – 1 piece of fruit, and plain, thin rice cakes with tomato

Continue to take your weight every morning upon waking and record on the measurement sheet provided. Take all other body measurements weekly and record on sheet.

Phase 3 – Maintenance (Low Starch/Low Sugar Phase)

21 to 40 days (continue for the same amount of time you did phase 2 for)

A variety of healthy foods, but limiting starch and sugar

Continue to take your weight every morning upon waking, and take your body

measurements weekly. Record these in a diary.

The entire process takes a minimum of 6 weeks to complete on the 21 day program, and a maximum of 12 weeks on the 40 day program.

This is an overview of the 3 phases only. Ensure you read the following pages for the full details and follow the program as outlined.


The WLA program delivers rapid and exciting results but it is a challenging and strict program that must be adhered to precisely. By purchasing this program we provide you with the system and the information, but you are ultimately responsible for your own success. You must ensure that you book in regularly to see your practitioner and check in. We recommend weekly appointments, as this will keep you motivated and on track for success.

If you have a medically diagnosed condition, or you are taking prescription medication you must continue to follow your Doctor’s directions and you must continue to take all medicine as normal.

The Weight Loss Accelerator program is effective, fast, and simple with many people losing between 5-8kg on a 21 day program, and 12-16kg on a

40 day program.

Preparation is key on the program. Prior to commencing the program, you can prepare and store the following brine, soups, stocks and meals in appropriate portions. Always be ready for an unexpected invitation. It’s ideal to have some pre-cooked meats and portion into stainless containers or zip-lock bags for unavoidable social events or even at work meals. Have a small esky for the car to carry fruit, vegetable portions, or protein servings so that you can avoid temptation, such as sampling a friend’s cuisine, or having to accept restaurant offerings.

1 Week Kick Start Cleanse

Prior to embarking on this program, we recommend that you set yourself up for success by following this 1 week introductory cleanse. The cleanse is a good way to ease into the program and prepare for the strictness that follows.

Please follow these guidelines during the cleanse:


Begin the day with 1 desert spoon of psyllium husks mixed quickly in water (at room temperature). Drink this to support healthy bowel function. (Psyllium husks may be provided for you by your health practitioner, or you can purchase these from supermarkets and health food stores).

Build up to consuming 3 litres of pure water daily as you will need to consume this much every day on the WLA program.

Reduce alcohol as this is not allowed on phase 2 of the WLA program.

Limit caffeinated beverages to a maximum of 3 per day; this includes black tea.

Eliminate soft drinks and cordial. Sparking mineral water and soda water are fine.

You can season your meals with a good quality sea salt (unless on a salt-restricted diet by your Doctor), and pepper, and feel free to use dried or fresh herbs and spices.


Choose from the following at each meal:

Suggested Breakfast Ideas


2 Poached eggs on a
Bed of fresh spinach
Chopped tomato seasoned
Sprinkle with good quality sea salt and pepper


1 serve protein powder* with
1 cup of frozen berries,
1 heaped tablespoon of full fat, Unflavoured Greek or Goat yoghurt,
1 teaspoon of chia seeds (optional) and 1 cup of almond or oat milk

Blend well and serve immediately


1 serve protein powder*,
1⁄2 a frozen banana,
3⁄4 cup of fresh spinach leaves,
1 small handful of fresh mint leaves, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds (optional), 200ml of coconut water or
Fresh, plain water

(*good quality protein powder can be purchased from your practitioner)

Suggested Lunch Ideas


1 Mountain Bread wrap (available in supermarkets)
Variety of fresh leafy salad
125g of fresh grilled chicken breast or 1 small tin of pink salmon (drained)
1/3 of an avocado (if in season), or 25g of feta cheese sprinkled over the top of your wrap


75g of fresh spinach
5-6 cherry tomatoes
1/3 small cucumber chopped

www.increasedflow.com.au | increasedflow@gmail.com

25g of feta cheese
5-6 pitted olives
1⁄2 cup chickpeas (from a can – drain well)
125g of grilled chicken breast, or 1 medium tin of tuna (in brine – drain well)

Dress with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice

Suggested Dinner Ideas


125g of eye fillet cooked over medium heat in a small frypan with 1 teaspoon of organic butter

Meanwhile, steam or microwave 2 cups of fresh non-starchy vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, beets, Brussel sprouts, carrots, etc.) until cooked but still crisp.

Once the steak is cooked to your liking remove from heat and rest. In the same pan, add another teaspoon of butter add 125g of finely chopped mushrooms – cook for 4-5 minutes season well with salt, pepper and dried herbs.

Serve the steak with mushrooms on top beside the vegetables.


Finely chop 125g of lamb fillets
On a separate board, finely chop 1 small onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 small zucchini and 1 small capsicum
Top and tail 100g of snow peas

In a separate, small bowl combine 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of boiling water, and 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce.

Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to a frypan over medium heat.
When hot, add the meat and fry this until it starts to brown.
Then, add your vegetables to the same pan and stir until well combined. Finally add the sauces, and cook over medium heat until everything is cooked.

Serve and enjoy.


Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a medium sized saucepan over medium heat. Finely chop 1 onion, 1 red capsicum, 2 cloves of garlic and 125g of chicken Add these to the pan.
Add 1 x 400g tin of diced tomatoes to your chicken mixture along with

1/3 of a cup of quinoa.
Mix everything well, place the lid on and turn heat to low. Cook for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add extra water if the mixture begins to get dry.
The meal is ready when the quinoa is cooked through. Serve and enjoy.



Take 2 florets of cauliflower and
1 small potato (60g)
Place these in a steamer or microwave and cook until just tender.
Add 1 handful of frozen peas into the microwave dish or steamer boat and continue cooking a further 3-4 minutes.
Place 125g piece of salmon fillet into a medium sized pan with 1 teaspoon of coconut or olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, and cook, flipping midway until cooked through.

Just before your salmon is cooked, whiz your steamed vegetables through a food processor together with 30g of feta cheese, salt and pepper.

Serve the salmon on top of the mashed vegetables.


We recommend 1 or 2 snacks per day only if you are hungry. Please note, during the cleanse we recommend that you have 1 x smoothie each day. So if you have not had your smoothie in the morning, please use this as one of your snacks.


Other Snack Ideas

A small handful of raw, unsalted nuts (cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts) with 1 whole piece of seasonal fruit.

1/3 of a cup of hommus with chopped raw vegetables such as celery, capsicum and carrots. You could also have this dip with plain, unsalted rice cakes. We like Black Swan and Obela hommus, available in supermarkets.

1 whole, fresh apple with 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter or almond butter.


You can have 2-4 squares of good quality dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa) after dinner provided you have followed the above guidelines during the day. Please do not consume any caffeinated beverages after 3pm in the afternoon.

Notes: Recipes serve 1 person. Multiply ingredients if you wish to feed more people. Protein portion sizes are guidelines only and are based on females. For men, increase the protein portion by 25%. E.g. 100g of chicken becomes 125g. However, you don’t need to be exact with this – the idea of the cleanse it to simply begin eating very clean, delicious food to set yourself up for success on the WLA program. If you lose some weight here then that is a bonus!

Eat these foods during the cleanse and only these foods.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I start the drops during my period?

A: As we mentioned at the beginning of the manual, we recommend you don’t start phase 2 until day 4 of your period. This means you can load on day 2 and 3.

Q: What if my weight plateaus during phase 2?

A: If your weight has stayed the same or has only minimally dropped for 3 days, you can have an ‘apple day’. This is only eating x6 medium apples for the entire day. When you weigh yourself the next day, your weight should have dropped and you can recommence the normal diet.

Q: What happens if I get my period during phase 2?

A: Stop the drops for the first 3 days of your bleed but still continue with the diet, then start the drops again on day 4. You will need to tack on an extra 3 days if you do get your period during phase 2. This will happen if you follow phase 2 for 40 days or if you start the program half way through your cycle.

Q: What happens if I get constipated?

A: We recommend taking psyllium husks during the program to help assist with keeping regular. It is really important to drink additional water whilst taking psyllium husks – up to 3 litres per day.

Q: What happens if I eat the wrong foods one day?

A: We recommend starting the program when you have a few weeks without any events, however sometimes this is unavoidable. We recommend eating before you go out, however if you do slip up for one meal, get back on track immediately, and add one extra day to the program.

Q: What happens if I gain more than 0.9kg from my base weight during maintenance (I.e. 0.9kg more than my weight at the end of phase 2)?

A: Complete a protein day. This means you will have only protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you must drink lots of water – minimum of 3 litres. One of these meals could be a plain protein shake. You can have a tomato with the evening meal as well.

Q: I am male and I don’t think I can get through stage 2 consuming such small meals. Can I adjust the serving sizes?

A: Men can increase protein portions slightly; we recommend an extra 20g of protein with lunch and dinner.

Q: I am pregnant / breastfeeding. Can I do the program?

A: Absolutely not. Weight loss is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not do the program if you are pregnant or nursing. If you plan to become pregnant, please ensure you have finished the program and completed maintenance prior to becoming pregnant.

Other requirements for Success

Quality Sleep

Sleep is an essential element for the success of this program. Research has confirmed the benefits of sleep in promoting weight loss. The body produces many healing and restorative hormones during deep sleep that play an active role in the metabolism of fat, promotion of the detoxification process, healing and recovery.

Early to bed can be a significant factor in determining the quantity of weight loss occurring in each 24 hour period, with the sleep occurring in the hours before midnight being particularly important. Eight hours of sleep per night should be considered the minimum required for optimal outcomes. Most individuals on the program report significant improvement in their sleep patterns, sleeping more deeply and soundly while taking the drops.

Ensure your bedroom is completely dark – flashing clocks and laptops etc. can interfere with sleep quality.

A cooler bedroom makes for a better night’s sleep.

Do not use electronic devices within 30 minutes of going to bed, including television. Rather engage in wind down techniques such as meditation, stretching, reading, or a warm bath.

Cosmetic, Hair and Skin Care

It may surprise you to hear that the skin and scalp easily absorb fat and other substances including toxins, depositing them into the blood stream. During the phase 2 part of the program it is essential that you restrict yourself to oil-free skin care products only. We recommend that you also switch to natural, toxin free skin care for the rest of your life. There is an abundance of research implicating toxic skincare and make up in a variety of chronic illnesses. You may have been provided with suitable products by your health practitioner – ask them for advice if you are concerned about what you are using.

Please note: during phase 2 of the program, participants do tend to find their skin is dryer than normal. This is because the diet is devoid of fat and your body fat stores are also being reduced. You must make sure that you do find oil-free skin care to use during this time. Jojoba oil is fine as it’s not a true oil, it’s actually a wax, and this may have been recommended by your practitioner.


You need to be your own best friend on this program. It is tough, but the rewards are worth it. Speaking to yourself unkindly will only increase stress in your body and create unhappiness. This is not the encouraging and positive environment that you need for success.

Make sure you have a support circle around you who will lift you up and join you in cheering yourself along. Perhaps a friend would like to set some goals and do the program as well?

Books like those written by Louise L Hay (author of heal your Body), Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret), and Tony Robbins (Awaken the Giant Within), may assist you with your mindset.

The program is not just about weight loss, it is about changing the way you think and altering the direction of your future. Give yourself every chance of success.

Naturopathic Medicines and Recommendations

There are some natural medicines that are essential during the WLA Program:


10 drops 3 x Daily (if you are hungry you can have 10 drops 4 x daily)

Matrix Green Detox Powder

1 tsp in a large glass of water, up to two times daily, AM and PM. Best added to your green breakfast smoothie in the morning, and then in a big glass of water in the afternoon for extra detoxification support.

Multi Mag & Vitamin Xcell

1 scoop in water in the morning. I like to have it on its own to increase my water intake, or you can add it to your breakfast smoothie for cardio-metabolic function, reduced sugar cravings, increased energy, nervous system support, and for healthy mood & cognitive function.


1 capsule or teaspoon (depending on your individual product) at bedtime to support a healthy gut biome, boost immunity, increase detoxification rate & regulate bowel function.


Nanolean is for in-between your meals, right when you feel the crash coming on. You can also take it as a healthy replacement for coffee or energy drinks to give you natural, sustained energy with no crash. Reduces stress, increases energy, assists healthy bowels, kerbs sugar carvings, improves mental clarity, and tastes great! Nano Lean is my secret weapon.

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